How to answer MBA Interview Question - Which specialization in MBA?

"Which specialization in MBA? " is the question that can help an aspirant take control of the interview, but it can also help ruin your chances of admission.

The panel wants to hear if you’ve given any thought to the domain you wish to specialize in.

They also want to gauge your interest in learning about various aspects of management.

This positions you as a well-informed applicant who can conduct pertinent research.

The panel will evaluate your professional goals, degree of focus, reasons for them, and the link between them and your desire to undertake a formal management school.

The right way to answer the question will be on the following points -

  • Your advantages and disadvantages:

For instance, if you have strong persuading skills, you may be more likely to contribute to marketing. Similarly, if you have excellent interpersonal abilities, you might be better suited for a position in human resources.

  • Your academic credentials:

Specific fields of study have a beneficial relationship with the Management program.

For example, if you majored in Commerce in college, you have obviously expressed an interest in a management profession.

Try emphasizing this topic in support of your candidacy.

However, this does not rule out the possibility of someone studying a completely different set of disciplines being ineligible for a management program.

  • Work experience:

If you have previous work experience, make the most of it.

It exhibits an awareness of how a company operates.

This, however, must be supported by essential learning, contributions, and accomplishments.

  • Future expectations and life ambition:

If your job ambitions align with your motivations for pursuing an MBA degree, it puts you in a strong position in terms of goal clarity and time-bound career plans.