How to analyze mocks before the CAT exam?

Mock exams help a candidate in understanding the pattern of the question paper and their level of preparation.

  • The first thing that a candidate does after attempting the mock is check their percentile. However, they should first check the number of attempted questions versus the number that they attempted correctly, which is also known as the level of accuracy in the exam. This helps the candidate in assessing the requirement of brushing up the concepts once again.

  • To start with, the candidate should refer to the text-based or video-based solutions of the questions and understand the logic behind the correct answer to that question.

  • Then they should understand their strong and weak points and work on the latter. This will help the candidate increase the pool of questions from which they can choose in the exam.

  • Bookmarking or keeping a note of the questions that seem difficult and need a revisit later should be done in order to remember and refer to them before the exam.

Analyzing is of utmost importance if the individual is looking for improvements in further mocks.