How to ACE Abstract Group Discussion(GD)?

Abstract topics have long been a part of group discussions in top business schools for both admissions and placement interviews.

  • PESTLE – Another way is to think creatively and apply pestle analysis on the topic to get more insights and think in a structured manner.
  • Keyword approach – We can identify keywords in the topic and approach that topic. This is very effective.
  • Learn to deal with pressure – An abstract topic is open to multiple interpretations. So you need to practice it to deal with the pressure calmly.
  • Widen your horizon and summarise it - The inverted funnel method encourages you to think beyond the box and generate a pool of ideas. To think as diversely as possible, one must broaden one’s mental process. To do so, jot down all of your ideas in a fast order as they come to you. Prioritize the list and place it in a logical order for debate. It is critical not to pass judgment on ideas.**