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How should a company measure social media marketing success?

How should a company measure social media marketing success?

Being able to measure social media post success is crucial to social media strategy. Measuring your post success should be a real-time exercise.

Following are a few metrics to measure social media marketing success:

  • Facebook pixel is one option to track conversions on your website and collect data on ad performance. But to be truly real-time it pays to use a social management platform.

  • Measuring the Return on Investment (ROI) for your social media marketing campaigns will tell you if they are contributing to your business goals. It will also tell you what is working in your social campaigns and what isn’t.

  • When you can see what parts of your campaigns are performing well, you can kill what isn’t working and optimize what is to repeat your successes and prevent future flops.

  • How many followers or connections did your campaign reach? How many likes, shares, favorites, comments and retweets did your campaign generate? When did your website traffic spike? Where did the visitors come from? How many more unique visitors did you attract?
    How many new registrations, downloads, link clicks, demo requests, event registrations, etc. did you generate via your social marketing efforts?
    Compare this data to your social media campaign objectives to determine if your efforts were successful. Review your monetary campaign investment and compare with your results to help calculate ROI.

  • One way of categorizing your social media marketing goals is by deciding whether they’re brand-related or revenue-linked.
    When setting your goals for social media post success, it helps to find a framework that works for you.

  • Match goals to KPI - KPIs can also include traditional social metrics such as engagement, audience growth, reach, leads, and conversions. The most valuable KPIs for each of your social channels will depend completely on the goals you’ve set.

  • To determine the success of your post, you’ll check performance metrics like reach and shares on your infographic post. You’ll know brand awareness is increasing if you see a growing number of likes on your page and greater engagement on your posts.

  • If you need to show the impact of social media on lead generation, use the Facebook pixel for conversion tracking and retargeting. Here’s how to install the Facebook Pixel.
    It will help you to optimize your ads, and with the right UTM parameters, it can greatly assist in evaluating your traffic.