How profitable Business development roles are?

Business development is an excellent career for achieving financial goals and personal and professional success.

Business development professionals can earn up to 42,000 Euros per year, even in entry-level positions in the Netherlands or the United Kingdom.

This is primarily due to two factors:
For starters, it’s a function that contributes directly to its revenue growth.

Second, because it’s a difficult job, employers are prepared to pay more to keep you on the payroll and avoid the expenditures of acquiring and training new staff.

Of course, not all business development jobs are created alike, and your actual income is influenced by various factors.
Your location, amount of expertise, and company size, for example, can all impact your salary.

Make sure you examine the typical wage in your area before deciding on your next professional step.

The LinkedIn Salary tool and websites like Payscale and Glassdoor make it simple to obtain this information.
You’ll be able to select by region and years of expertise on these platforms to see if your expectations are per the market.