How many types of AI are there based on Capabilities?

On the basis of capabilities, AI is divided into three areas namely
Weak or Narrow AI:
• Weak AI or narrow AI is a type of AI that is able to conduct a task with intelligence and is mots commonly available at present.
• It is programmed for a specific task only and cannot do other tasks.
• Apple Siri, google Alexa are prime examples of Weak AI functioning in the limited area.

General AI
• General AI is a type of AI which can perform tasks with the capacity like Human Brain
• The purpose of this AI is to make system which could be smarter than Humans
• More focus is on developing General AI

Super AI:
• It is an AI where the Intelligence of AI surpasses the capacity of humans and can do tasks better than Humans
• Its abilities include Ability to think, to reason, solve etc.
• It is still a hypothetical concept of AI which is still being developed by AI engineers