How is the work culture at Accenture?

1. A positive work environment and job security
Accenture is an excellent company with employee-friendly policies. On-demand, they have provided one month of mat leave. Have provided assets for work from home (done with embayment). The company itself provided the internet connection. Tolerance is non-existent. Overall, the environment is excellent. Women will benefit from it.

2. A fun place to work.

3. A healthy work-life balance.

4. Seniors are always willing to assist and work well with others.

5. The team is amiable.
When you cannot solve a problem, everyone is eager to assist you. The manager is charming. There is much room for growth.

6. Good for newcomers, but it depends on the project.
Suitable for freshers, but it depends on the project; for cases, you will be assigned to random projects. Supposedly your project is good, you will have an excellent opportunity to advance.

7. A more stressful working environment
If you are a newcomer, this means you can and will learn. However, the working hours are appalling. We used to put in 14 hours a day. It is not suitable for experienced workers because they cannot work for 17 hours per day. We should frequently assist whenever they are required to work on Saturday without pay.