How is IoT being implemented in Farming Industry?

Farming is one of the most critical industries for humankind, and many disruptions have been made in this field technologically. One such disruption is the introduction of IoT into this field.

IoT or the Internet of things is helping the field with the culture of precise Farming, which will eventually help save the resources in today’s world when humanity is fighting for resources in their day-to-day lives.

However, we are here to talk about the disruption itself and how it has changed the world of Farming.

The setup for precise Farming and the working is as follows -

  1. We will set up sensors and some other devices along with the internet connections in the field. The sensors will take the readings of the environment and the crop. They will send this data to the mainframe computer.
  2. The mainframe computer will analyze all the received data to make changes in the temperature and other nutrients of the crop with the help of robotic vehicles.
  3. These robotic vehicles will look after the changes and other discrepancies.
  4. In case of any breakdown, the data can also be sent to on-foot agents to their mobile, and they can control the robot manually as well.