. How important is the work experience factor for MBA admissions?

An interviewer looks for a suitable match for the business school they are interviewing for.

  • Therefore, the overall profile of the candidate matters which consists of their educational qualifications, awards, and accolades received during the academic tenure of the candidate, and extra-curricular activities were undertaken during that time.

  • If work experience is included in the candidate’s profile, it will help in adding value to it. Value addition takes place because the candidate already has relevant work experience to work in the corporate sector and can relate theory with the application of those concepts. This way the interviewers can relate to the answers given on case-based questions asked and can also find a common ground to talk about during the discussion which can drive the interview further.

However, identification of one’s interest is of primary importance and it is more likely to be discovered if the candidate has work experience. This also helps in selecting the courses and electives offered during the MBA course.