How has the change in consumer behavior increased the number of opportunities that one has in Marketing?

Consumer behavior is as dynamic as it has ever been. The consumption points have diversified. Consumers have become more aware. They are continuously assessing their experience and making efforts to have a greater return on their investment. Gone are the days when marketing was just about recognizing the material needs.

Magic Bricks, an e-commerce platform for purchasing or renting a property, realized that they need to have a greater emotional connection with the user. Property dealing’s a one-time experience and it’s important to connect better. Thus, they got stars in Ayushman Khurana and Kriti Sanon to have a better connection with the youth. This couldn’t have been possible without a thorough study on consumer behavior.

This then is the foundational block for the required promotions strategy. The businesses are then better able to identify the target markets. A career in consumer behavior is research-intensive and also exploits the observational skills of the marketer.