How does marketing work, as a concept?

The concept of marketing is used by every and in every industry, company and therefore its use is unlimited. It is a driving force behind sales and provides any product with a recognition that makes it distinct in itself. Several work areas like Marketing Research, Brand Management, Advertising, Promotion, Public Relations and general management fall under the concept of marketing, if pursued as a career option. It not only enables one to hone his/her skills in communication, but also helps them in attaining a knowledge and experience on their products and services that they otherwise would have been deprived of. Further, the concept is focus on branding, therefore one learns to think out of the box and come up with ideas that are unique. This helps in shaping their ideas, and helps people work on their personalities as well. In a nutshell, a career in marketing is one that is multifold. It will include some talking, a little bit of thinking, quite an amount of teamwork and brainstorming of ideas. One must always remember that marketing plays a very important role for any good/service a company produces, and it creates a distinct visual identity of that product in the minds of their target consumers.