How does a life of a frond end developer looks like post-lunch?

Following is the life of a front-end developer post-lunch with timestamps:

01:00 PM

I did a short, superficial check of my inbox before returning to the coding.

Now that the design has been translated to a first draught, it is time to test it.

Creating codes accomplish this to test your code and effectively break the item you have just produced as a user.

As bugs are discovered, you return to the code and make changes to remedy them.

With each component/section, there is an iterative process of Design => Build => Test until you get what you perceive to be your finished product.

It is all too easy to get caught up in the flow of things and stop moving for a time - especially if you are working on something new or challenging!

3:00 PM

It is time for the rest of the team to review your work.

Because programming is a collaborative process, once you have completed your part, you will discuss and review it with the rest of the team.

You will also be expected to review code written by other team members.

This method allows everyone to learn together and work toward the same goals and outcomes.

4:00 PM

It is time to call it a day!

Moreover, happily, because you are probably working from home, this only entails turning off your computer and walking the whopping 2 meters away from your workstation to begin unwinding for the evening.