How do you plan to achieve your goals? How to answer this question?

Whether you’re looking for an entry-level job or an interview for a senior position, a question regarding attaining your objectives is sure to come up.
The interviewer will want to know about your future objectives and ambitions to see how they align with the position for which you’re applying. The most frequent way to phrase this question is, “How do you intend to attain your professional objectives?”
If you are hired, the interviewer may additionally want to hear how your ambitions connect to working at the firm. Do your objectives align with the company’s career path, or will they lead you to a new vocation or industry?

How to answer this question
First, ensure that you can articulate professional objectives that go beyond “being hired.” You want to demonstrate that you are a long-term thinker with aspirations for the future. Make certain that your objectives align with what you’ve learned about the job and the organization. It is critical to demonstrate to the interviewer that there is a fit between what you are searching for and what the business is looking for in an ideal candidate.

The STAR method is a useful method for solving this question. You will use this method to discuss a Situation (S) or Task (T), the Action you performed (A), and the Results obtained (R). This will assist you in shaping your response while creating one that is distinctively yours. The approach also aids in keeping your response focused, preventing you from straying off-topic or speaking for too long.