How do you motivate others? | PM interview questions

Question’s Purpose
PM is a leadership position and a key aspect of leadership is the ability to motivate others. How do you as a PM motivate your teams to deliver the best software for your customers?

How to Answer
There are tons of motivation techniques. I think the best one to talk about is the technique of bringing your customer’s pains to the team in order to motivate them to build the best software. This ties directly in with your job’s purpose: to understand the customer’s deepest pains points.

Tell the interviewers about how you use customer research, interviews, and so on to motivate your teams. I usually say something like this:

I like to motivate people by bringing the customer’s pain as close as possible to the team. I’ll even bring the developers into the customer interviews. This directly connects the code they’re writing to the customer’s pains we are trying to solve. An example of where this really motivated the team was when…[example]

Honestly, it may not be the best answer, but you get the idea. Talk about how you use your PM skill sets to motivate teams.

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