How can we update a record in target table without using Update Strategy?

It is possible to update a target table without using the ‘Update Strategy.’ To do this, we must first specify the key in the target table at the Informatica level, and then link the key to the column we wish to change in the mapping target. Set the target property to ‘Update as Update’ and tick the ‘Update’ check-box at the session level. Assume we have a ‘Customer’ target table with fields like ‘Customer ID,’ ‘Customer Name,’ and ‘Customer Address.’

If we want to update ‘Customer Address’ without using an Update Strategy, we must use Informatica level to designate ‘Customer ID’ as the primary key and connect the Customer ID and Customer Address columns in the mapping. The mapping will only update the customer address field for all matching customer IDs if the session settings are configured appropriately as stated above.