How can I maximise my GMAT score with a busy schedule?

These are some tips that I’ve noticed to help most working professionals in quickly boosting their GMAT score:

  1. Immediately after you sign up for the GMAT, take the free mock test that the GMAC provides. Make sure you do this with little to no preparation. The purpose of this exercise is to figure out where you stand, and this will be the jumping off point for your preparations hence forth.
  2. Next, analyse your mock test scores to figure out the trend in your performance: meaning, check which type of questions (for instance, Reading Comprehension, Data Sufficiency, Sentence Correction, Critical Reasoning, etc.) you have done well in, and which ones you have fallen flat in
  3. Your improvement areas are the sections you have scored average or above average in, and not the sections you have done badly in. It is extremely important to understand that trying to get better at sections you have done poorly in will do nothing but waste your time. Embrace what you are good at, and improve what you are okay at. What went badly is the sunk cost.
  4. The official guide by the GMAC is an excellent resource. Use it, and time yourself: 1 min 30 sec should be the benchmark for each question.

Hope this helps!