How can I become a cloud engineer?

You may improve your chances of landing a cloud engineering career by gaining the necessary skills, experience, and even a certification. For example:
• Develop relevant skills like - Cloud platforms, Data storage and security, Networking, Programming, and Operating systems.

Systems engineer, network engineer, and database administrator are examples of IT positions that may involve cloud-related responsibilities.

If you’re already working in IT, look for possibilities to advance in these areas.

• Obtain hands-on experience
You may get hands-on experience working with the cloud in various ways.

If you work in IT, ask your boss if there are any possibilities for you to shadow co-workers who work in cloud computing jobs or if you can take on assignments that will help you learn more about cloud computing principles.

You may also create an account on the cloud platform and start researching yourself.

• Obtain a certificate
A certification can help you develop technical abilities and demonstrate to employers that you have a solid understanding of the cloud.

Try a foundational certification, such as the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900, if you’re new to the cloud. These might assist you in learning the field’s technologies and language.

• Prepare for an interview
Prepare answers to common technical interview questions that you could face during a real job interview.

Miller recommends, “I believe mock interviews are a terrific way to feel comfortable with the process.”

You may exercise your technical knowledge and practice being comfortable having a discussion with an interviewer if you can find someone to practice interviewing with.