How are you different from the competition? How to answer this question?

Hundreds of applications from enthusiastic job seekers are not unusual, with the majority of them matching some or all of the employment requirements. Employers compare these applicants before making a hiring choice. During a job interview, they may ask you to assist them to make a decision by explaining what makes you unique as a candidate or why employing you is advantageous.
Most of the time, you won’t know who else is applying for a position, so this sort of inquiry is actually an invitation to describe your strengths as a candidate, with a focus on any assets that could set you apart from the competition.

How to answer this question
Prepare to discuss each of your assets and be ready to identify circumstances in which you employed them, as well as the beneficial outcomes you contributed to. Alternatively, you might explain how your efforts have benefitted your organization.
For instance, your response may begin with an acknowledgment such as, “Of course, I’m not familiar with the other applicants in the pool, but I can state that my Excel abilities are fairly sophisticated. I’ve written sophisticated macros to track seasonal fluctuations in sales and costs, which has saved money for my department.”

Try to add a strength that is reasonably distinctive and would offer value, even if it isn’t stated in the job description, in addition to the regular work criteria. For example, even if foreign language abilities aren’t specified in the job description, you may say that your Spanish language skills would help you develop a connection with a Spanish-speaking client.