GMAT Integrated reasoning

The integrated reasoning portion has been introduced in GMAT most recently. It analyses the candidate’s ability to analyze data provided in a graphical or tabular manner. It consists of 12 questions that can include

  1. Table Analysis
    It measures how well a candidate can analyze and sort tabular data as in the case of a spreadsheet and extract relevant information.

  2. Graphics interpretation
    This measures the ability of a candidate to interpret graphical data as in the case of a pie chart or bar chart and draw the relevant conclusions.

  3. Two-part Analysis
    It is based on complex problem-solving. In this case, the problem can be verbal or quantitative, or a mix of both. This can include simultaneous equations, trade-off analysis as well as establishing a relationship between two variables

  4. Multi-Source Reasoning
    These questions test the ability of a candidate to look at multiple data sources and then arrive at a conclusion. This can involve looking at multiple bar charts or tables and then drawing inferences. They can also involve finding possible errors in the data.

Basics tips for preparing for intergrated reasoning section of GMAT.

  • Improve your ability to timing the board to guarantee you answer all of the questions and sub-questions.
  • Please note each tab since it will help you keep track of the large amounts of data in multi-source thinking.
  • Don’t spend too much time reading the first passage when it comes to table examination questions. Rather, jump to the question and table as soon as possible because everything you need is on the table.
  • Read the passage of the two-section examination questions very carefully from the beginning.
  • Before breaking down the question, look at the relevant response options in the menu for design translation questions.
  • To compute precisely, check the estimation of each augmentation on the tomahawks of bar and line diagrams.
  • Practice with the mini-computer installed on your PC to get ready for the online adding machine.