Getting cors error after deploy express app to heroku

after uploading express app to heroku when calling that API in local frontend . I am getting CORS error

Hello Bappaditya,
You need to add CORS middleware to fix this issue. Check out the guide to add middleware in express applications here:-
Also try to understand what is Cross-Origin Request from this article when you get time:-

Let me know if there are any other doubts/issue while using the middleware.

2021-05-13 10_40_27-app.js - Monthly-grocery-planning-App - Visual Studio Code

CORS already added

2021-05-13 10_39_53-app.js - Monthly-grocery-planning-App - Visual Studio Code
used cors

Are you able to access the API in Postman?

And did you redeploy the application after adding cors?

it is ok sir errors are resolved