Essential Skills for Senior Front-End and Senior Back-End Developers

. Training Skills

Unlike Mid Level developers, Seniors not only have more experience with tools and software development. They also must have interpersonal skills to train other team members in both in-person and remote workplaces. Their technical expertise helps them prepare new members and distribute tasks to ensure the best performance of your web application. For this reason, for a senior position, you must expect high technical expertise and competence in managing and guiding other team members.

  1. Javascript & Web Services

In addition to what we mentioned for the previous position, this is what you should expect from a Senior position:

Experience with Model View JavaScript frameworks like Backbone-Marionette focusing on the user interface.
Implementation of Validation Controls with JavaScript.
Experience with Model-View-Control, event-driven applications using, AJAX, Object-oriented JavaScript and JSON.
Design and administration of dynamic web pages/sites Implement the User Module to update/delete Users with Restful Web services.
Develop web pages complying with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and applying W3C web standards.
3. GIT

Familiarity with GIT to control the version and communicate with the partners.
Create an Environment for automation of test cases and setup of CI/CD solutions for GIT repositories of different applications.
GIT repositories and JIRA ticket handling system.
4. Webpack

Use of Gulp, Webpack, and BrowserSync for fast operation building and test reload.
Used Node JS to run Webpack tasks and build the project properly.
React components in ES6 using Babel and compiled using Webpack.
Implement code with Webpack to improve mobile performance.

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) allows transmitting or storing data from a server to a website page. Here’s what you want to see on a Senior resume:

Load mock JSON data and display it in a tabular format (HTML Table) on a web application.
Use Spring JDBC to interact with MySQL databases and generate reports into JSON while using JSP to obtain HTML files.
Use HttpRequest to read data from web servers and process JSON data to render in the UI.
Develop rating and sharing single-page applications and data fetched with AJAX and JSON.
Familiarity with Factories and Services to make Ajax calls or Restful Calls to get data in JSON Format.