E-Mail Digital Marketing

Email marketing is an example of a subset of content creation, writing, and marketing. People in charge of email marketing are skilled marketers with copywriting and editing experience and have ideally worked in these roles previously

Email remains one of the most effective content formats available. To do this well, you must be able to write convincingly and understand how to develop an effective email marketing strategy. You’ll also be in charge of campaigns, launches, and public relations activities that rely on a large database of customer data and lists. Because the quality of your email contacts is critical to email marketing success, it’s critical to understand how to grow your database without annoying prospects and to understand when and where to draw the line.

Because email marketing is primarily a lead-generation activity, specialists would collaborate with digital marketing experts to generate leads which eventually leads to revenue generation activities.

The salaries offered to the E-Mail Marketing managers are ranging from 3-10 Lakhs with a mean of 6 lakhs per annum, . The pay offered varies drastically depending on the vertical or domains the company in question is plying it’s a trade-in.

More pay is found in areas where there is an opportunity for the firm to make more profits and in many cases, a significant portion of the salary is offered in terms of stock options and bonuses for getting new customers or making inroads into a region which is typically over and beyond the range of salary mentioned above.

In addition, prior work experience would play a significant role in ensuring your pay is higher as experience is of vital importance.

Companies are actively seeking out people with prior work experience in related domains and thus your bargaining power when it comes to negotiating your salary is immense when it comes to this domain or line of business.