Does IBM hire for Data science jobs as freshers?

New Delhi-based IBM is hiring a Data Scientist for Advanced Analytics.

As a Data Scientist at IBM, you will analyse data, communicate results, and collaborate on product development to help translate our clients’ data into meaningful business value.

Work with the best open source and visual tools, as well as the most scalable and flexible deployment alternatives.

You’ll work to address real-world challenges for companies that are changing how we live, whether it’s looking at patient trends or weather patterns.

Your Responsibilities and Role

• Collaborate with IBM Q Start on current exploratory research engagements in order to prepare for future use case commercialization in a given sector.
• Engage and educate client data science teams in order to identify prospective quantum investigation topics.
• Implement quantum techniques, such as data pre- and post-processing, numerical computations, and data visualisation.
• Design and develop tests in collaboration with industry and solutioning professionals to show quantum-enabled benefit.
• Define the best.