Does Amazon recruits through Amcat?

Yes, Amazon also employs through amcat. There are various collaborations with other consultancies.

This is how a normal interview proceeds.

  • To begin, your patience will be tested by making you wait for hours. It’s possible that some of them will vanish in the midst. However, it does not take long.

  • The next step is screening, during which they will check your basic information such as degree and experience.

  • After that, you’ll be placed in a line for an online test, where the majority of applicants will be refused. This is a tough aspect, to say the least.

  • Despite the fact that this test is in English, your vocabulary and knowledge of the language will be tested. There are five sections, each with 3-5 questions.

  • The first segment consists of ten sentences, which you must read in order of the number assigned to each.

  • The following section has jumbled words that you must organize into a comprehensible sentence. Following that, a short passage and questions would be presented.

  • If you pass the test and meet the requirements for the role they choose, you will be offered another online test; otherwise, the HR round will begin.

  • The HR round lasts roughly 30-40 minutes, during which they will assess your total performance up to that point and even inquire about your private life.