Data Governance and Quality

What data scientists might not know:
Data is the foundation of all analytics solutions, if even a portion of the dataset is altered it completely damages any downstream models etc. created, often there are no checks to logically check data consistency for a particular context (eg. If suddenly revenue per customer increases from $100 to $800 without any change in the business environment, then it would lead to wrong ML scores and incorrect dashboards). Therefore, a data science team must work closely with the data governance and engineering team to set checks along all critical paths to ensure all models and analytics consistently get the right data.

Key fundamentals
Data governance is a broader term that is used to define how organizations manage data objectives, scope, ownership, privacy, and security including standardized process and data.

Data quality is a subset of data governance focusing on continuous monitoring of data for completeness, consistency, and plans to handle data irregularities
Eg – if an organization has to ingest social media data then data governance would conduct all assessment and planning under data governance and then assess the data received using data quality.