Career in Training and Development Manager

Why is this a good career choice: Teach others and help them develop their abilities. Managers of training and development assist employees in improving their skillsets and careers. They do it by holding continuing education seminars, workshops, conferences, and other types of events. Managers of training and development can provide the most effective coursework for employees in the areas that their company wants to emphasise. There are also many responsibilities some of which are the following:

  • Examine the training requirements of your personnel.
  • Teach and manage other instructors.
  • Update training programmes to suit current corporate standards.
  • Review training materials from outside vendors, If you enjoy speaking in front of groups and assisting them in learning new skills that will help them to grow in their careers, this is the career route for you.

Training and development HR managers earn on an average of 8,47,6375 INR per year but can earn up to 1,49,56,110 INR annually.