Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

Why They Ask: Many times, this is one of the first questions your interviewer will ask. By giving you the opportunity to talk openly about yourself, the interviewer lays a solid foundation and gets a solid understanding of who you are — before segueing into the rest of the conversation.

How to Answer: At first glance, this seems like it should be simple enough to respond to. How hard is it to talk about yourself, right?

However, this question is actually deceptively difficult to answer. With little direction on what specifically you should be talking about, it’s challenging to pull together a response that gives them the insights they need — while still presenting yourself as a solid, qualified candidate.
It also doesn’t hurt to share a few personal details — provided you keep it professional and safe for work, of course. Remember, employees hire people, so it’s good for them to know a little bit about who you are outside of the office.

What This Looks Like:
“I have over five years of experience as a marketing professional. While I have a broad range of marketing experience, I consider email marketing to be my specialty and my passion. In fact, I was recently tasked with improving the email click-through rate for my previous employer, and I was able to gain a four percent increase in just three months. At this point, I’m looking for an opportunity where I can continue to challenge myself and use my marketing skills to make an impact at an organization. When I’m not at work, I’m an avid runner and am actually training for my third half marathon.”