Are you data-driven or creative-driven?

Once again, it’s important to do your research before interviewing with any team. By understanding their values, it can indicate if you’ll be a suitable fit for the role.

Hint: My also allows you to filter through marketing teams that identify as being data-driven or creative-driven.

When answering this question, it’s also important to reinforce your response with actionable examples of how you fit into a specific category.

If you’re a data-driven digital marketer, can you share some examples of previous campaigns you’ve created where data has influenced your decision-making process?

Perhaps you’ve had experience working alongside a product team that measured event data, helping determine which specific users to target in a campaign.

This highlights that you actively know how to integrate this approach within your strategic planning.

As always, remember to be honest with your response. Simply providing an answer the company wants to hear is a fast way to landing a role that you’re not suitable for.