Are mock interviews helpful while preparing for a Personal Interview?

Mock Interviews are an essential tool that will help a candidate prepare in the best manner for an interview. Mock interviews can help a candidate know areas in which he lags behind and certain areas where he/she thinks is ready but cannot answer confidently. A list of probable questions should be made beforehand and answers should be prepared so that they can be answered. It should be kept in mind that mock interviews should be arranged with a panel that is knowledgeable enough. They must ask the candidate the right type of questions and questions which are relevant and have a high chance of being asked in the interview. It is advisable that interviews are taken by faculties or people working in the industry who have enough experience. While answering questions, leading words should be kept in mind as certain words can trigger immediate cross-questioning. Getting feedback after an interview is very important and working on them in order to be ready for the actual interview is essential to have a successful PI round.