Acing Stress Interviews to get into a top B school

An applicant may be required to attend a stressful interview on numerous occasions. It’s exactly like any other interview, with the exception that the interviewer closely scrutinizes you. The primary goal of such interviews is to assess the candidate’s ability to handle stressful interviews. They want to see how you react under extreme pressure. What they want to know is how the candidate reacts to such a situation. The MBA program is extremely demanding. Students are constantly working on meeting deadlines and completing projects. They also take part in several Case competitions. Simultaneously, to build their profile before final placements, they are constantly pursuing certifications that will strengthen their profile. As a result, sleeping is the last thing on their minds. As a result, it is critical for any premier business school to determine whether the incoming class of students can withstand the pressures of MBA life. An important aspect of succeeding in an interview, whether stressful or not, is that the candidate admits his mistakes, takes them in stride, and moves on with a positive attitude.