6 Online Resources To Use And Prepare Yourself For A Job Interview?

No matter what you believe, there are ways and means that you can use to prepare for an interview. I am not talking about the general information you find online, but rather using the resources online to help you with your preparation. It’s one thing to add resume keywords, and actually get an interview, but it is another thing to nail an interview. This is the one step that stands between you and the job you want. At some point, we all have to go through the interview stress, but of course, there is a prize at the end, so that makes it totally worth it. Sometimes you just need some help so that you can prepare.

  1. Case In Point
    Here, you are given a host amount of resources to help you prepare for your interview. You can find a lot of downloads of this book online, and it has proven to be one of the best in preparation for an interview. This book not only gives you tips on how to prepare, but it gives you a few scenarios and all the steps you need to take.
  2. Interview Kickstarter
    This is a great website if you are preparing for an interview because they offer mock interviews as a strategy. Putting yourself into that pressurized situation, without the actual pressure, is going to help ease the nerves on that day. It is also going to help you identify your weak areas and give you some time to work on it. Imagine sitting in an interview and not having answers to most of the questions. At least, here, you can correct your mistakes ahead of time.
  3. HiDimensional
    With this website, you are able to interview with a manager and be given a full report of how you did. These managers all are employed by companies like Google, Facebook, etc. You are receiving advice from the best of the best in the industry. You can receive advice about the best words to use on a resume, or perhaps your lack of knowledge on a particular subject. This process can be a big boost for your confidence.
  4. AmbitionBox
    If you are looking for a goldmine of information, then this is definitely the website to use. There are so many articles focusing on the job market and the interview process. You can also find practice tests to help you prepare for an interview. Even if you are not lined up for an interview yet, I would still suggest you use this website. You can be part of a great community and ask questions that concern you. A lot of companies are listed on this website as well, and you might just be lucky enough to find your potential employer there.
  5. Company Website
    Having a friend that already works for the company you are trying to get into is a great advantage. Well, on this website you might just meet that friend. When you are preparing for an interview, it is important to get to know the company. Learn as much as you can about the website, and find contact information of juniors in the company. Perhaps you have a question that seems silly to ask the Hiring Manager. Send a courtesy email to one of these employees and get that behind you. After that, you can focus on the rest of your preparation. Pay attention to the general keywords on the website, and throw a few of those around in your interview.
  6. Glassdoor
    This is definitely one of the most interesting online resources when preparing for an interview. On this website, employees or customers are allowed to add comments anonymously. You might find out about salary structure and various benefits and interview questions. It is like receiving an inside look at how the company operates. Simply go to the website and find the company you are interviewing at.